About the Practitioner

Crystal began her career in the healing arts after receiving her first Reiki attunement in 1997. Since then she has become a Reiki master herself, and has graduated with honors from Texas massage Institute. She further built her range and skill-level by training in Thai massage with a private instructor in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She continues to study all modalities of healing touch, expanding her knowledge with training in Craniosacral Balancing and Polarity Therapy. She also loves to perform pregnancy and geriatric massage, finding the healing she provides to be very rewarding.


In 1997, Crystal took her first yoga class at an Ashram in Denton, Texas where she studied Kundalini open eye meditation. Growing up as a dancer, she found that the asana practice took her to her roots. After her first yoga retreat where she learned how to use a neti pot and was introduced to head stands, Crystal began a journey that would include many more retreats.

After a trip to Thailand where she studied Thai Massage, Crystal moved to California in 2004, beginning her full time massage therapy practice. It was this intense physical labor that brought her to yoga three times per week for maintenance as a bodyworker. At the end of every yoga class, she felt as if she had just received a massage. She could see how the muscles and bones worked together to create balance. Her love of anatomy as a massage therapy instructor at Everest College gave her the opportunity to marry the world of massage with yoga by teaching her students what she knew from her own practice. While vacationing in Central America, Crystal was invited to teach yoga at La Paz in San Marcos, Guatemala. She then knew it was her next career calling.

In 2009, Crystal found the Cloud Nine Yoga family and dove into the 200 hour teacher training at the Long Beach Branch. Without skipping a beat, she continued her training with Cloud Nine and attended the Bali Bliss Intensive teacher training with the intention of being a teacher trainer herself. After completing the Advanced 500 hour training with Cloud Nine, she began attending every 200 hour teacher training at the Long Beach Branch as an assistant. Eventually, after finding the perfect business partner, she started her own branch of Cloud Nine Yoga in Lakewood.

Crystal teaches All Levels Yoga at Free Spirit Yoga, Hatha Yoga at Boeing Fitness Center, Kid's Yoga and Mom's Yoga at Move it Mama, and Free Yoga On the Beach in Long Beach. She offers Thai Massage and partner yoga workshops regularly and takes a hands on approach to teaching and enjoys incorporating healing touch in class.



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